Quantitative Data

91% Addicted to gaming
9% Not addicted to gaming

From the survey, it was found that 9% of the respondents are not addicted the gaming. Poon Chian Hui, (2010) 9% of the young people in Singapore are addicted to gaming. Showing that 9% of gamers are addicted is frightening as slowly, after a few years, the percentage of gaming addicts would increase and increase without stopping.

Based on the responses 24% do not have friends who are addicted to gaming but the other 76% do.

76% Have friends addicted to gaming
24% Do not have friends addicted to gaming.

As we did not specifically get to know the specific friends the respondents were referring to, some respondents may have referred to other respondents or people who did not take the survey.

Theme 1 - Games the respondents are commonly addicted to.

The Games teenagers are commonly addicted to have mainly 3 categories, First Person Shooter(FPS), Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Tower Defence.

World of Warcraft
League Of Legends
Age of Empires
Clash Of Clans

Kingdom Rush

The findings of the data shows that there is a wide range of games that people are addicted to,
these games are addictive as it makes the gamers feel excited, pumped.

“First person shooters like battlefield 4 and minecraft”
“grand theft auto V and LoL”
“flappy bird, MMORPG, MMOFPS , Bloons tower defense 5”

These are just some of the games that were suggested, it has also been stated by  Sara Prot, MA*, Katelyn A. McDonald, Craig A. Anderson, PhD,Douglas A. Gentile, PhD (2012) that for example, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game that can affect gamers who are addicted. With all these, we know most gamers play these few listed games most.Kenneth M. Woog, Psy. D (2009) also stated that World of Warcraft is one of the games that is most commonly addicted to. Thus, the stated games will have the most impact on the population of gamers.

Different kind of games have different effects on the gamer. Some gamers who play Minecraft canbe more adventurous in reality, while gamers who play Shooting FPS games might be more aggressive and violent in reality.

Theme 2 - Signs that show a person is addicted to gaming

According to the respondents, some of the signs of a person addicted to gaming are sudden bursts of anger, not getting enough sleep, gets bored easily, not sociable, constantly stressed by work, has no as it is taken up by gaming.

Here are examples from the survey responses:

“Rebellious ,Short tempered.”

“They can't stop telling people and introducing people to the game ”

“red eyes, temperamental, skipping schools, not doing well in academics, not responding when people call them to and much more”

The signs mentioned by the respondents are similar to the signs mentioned by Dr Brent Conrad (2012). He had talked about how some of the symptoms and signs of gaming addiction are feelings of anger and frustration when not allowed access to the video game, thinking about the game when not online and dreaming about the game. The addicted gamers can also get carpal tunnel syndrome, dry or red eyes & headaches.  They may also act aggressive to those who attempt to limit access to the game, spend less time on school work and studies & discusses about the game when not playing. Lastly, the addicted gamers would spend less time on social interaction. Sara Prot, MA*, Katelyn A. McDonald, Craig A. Anderson, PhD,Douglas A. Gentile, PhD (2012) also stated some of these gaming addiction symptoms. So, as can be seen, gaming can affect and cause effects to the gamer, if the gamers are addicted and play the games for countless hours without stopping, the negative effects there are is something that is most undesirable.

Theme 3 - How regular do people game

Some said a few hours a week, everyday, and that they game whenever possible and some even said all day.

“All day everyday”
“When I have free time”
“A few hours everyday”

What we can make out of this claims is that firstly all of them games. But the timing varies, for those who play a few hours a week, they are still not yet addicted to the game. For those who say they play everyday, they are somewhat addicted with the need or the urge to play every single day. For the ones who say they play whenever possible, it would be quite subjective as one may have a many free hours to play. But the most dangerous ones are those that game ‘all day’, these are the people who are heavily addicted. They use up all their days gaming, and probably have no time left to do other work e.g. homework.

Gaming these days is definitely a trend but it really depends on how much time the person spends it on. There is always 2 extreme sides to it but from our research, most of the respondents are still to the not addicted side however those that are on the other end should really seek help unless they are professional gamers, as even professional gamers control themselves and restrict the amount of hours they game for.

Theme 4 - Stopping addiction to gaming is hard

33% of the respondents think that it is not hard to stop being addicted to gaming. However, the other 67%  do not agree.

67% of the respondents agree that to stop being addicted to gaming is hard.

Easy as people said that games are not addictive and all the gamer needs is self-control and discipline.

Quote “Its like drugs, The companies who make games designed it so it hooks you.”(respondent 1)

Quote “Because it is hard to stop what you like to do. Example like drugs , if you are addicted to drugs, you feel uneasy when you do not have drugs.”(respondent 2)

Quote “Hard as gaming becomes essential to the gamer’s life, gaming is a habit and gives a sense of happiness to the gamer.”

http://www.video-game-addiction.org/note2.html (2013), said that “Kicking the habit is hard,too. Video game and computer addicts can't just avoid computers. They need to use them for homework and communication with friends. It's like putting an alcoholic in a bar and saying, "Just have one drink.” With all these few sets of datas, we can see that gaming addictions are hard as it becomes the gamer’s life and it is like how people are addicted to drugs and alcohol. This shows us that to stop being addicted is hard as parents do not restrict their children a lot which tests the child’s ability to control their self and limit their own game time.

Theme 5-  Ways of reducing and decreasing the amount of gaming addicts.
A few methods on how to stop gaming addictions are parents having control of the computer,do not start gaming, find other activities to distract themselves but most importantly self control.

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