This small-scale research on Gaming Addiction was done so as to know what are the causes of gaming addictions, what aspects of games make them so addicting, how gaming addictions affect people and the symptoms of gaming addictions. Gaming addictions is a worldwide problem as more and more people are getting addicted to games and spending less time having face-to-face interaction, gaming is also another reason to why more people are becoming aggressive in real life, grades lower as compared to their usual ones. Gaming also causes a lot of effects like carpal tunnel syndrome, eye problems which is unhealthy. As new technologies are made for gaming, there are more problems gaming addictions can cause and sooner or later, gaming addictions will start to cause more deaths than it already does. We should help those who are addicted to gaming as some are talented but are wasting their skills on games which do not help society or help us humans evolve. In conclusion, gaming is okay as long as it is done once in a while but addiction to gaming is bad and can destroy lives.

The limitations we had were the amount of responses we had gotten, time constraint, usefulness of the responses. If we were to have a longer time period to conduct the surveys, a larger amount of respondees, our study would be more  precise, more reliable and a better reference for others in who want to research on gaming addictions in the future. There was also the chance where our respondents could have lied to us would not get our true feedback.

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